Saturday, May 22, 2010

Charity Gig

Wednesday was the night for our big charity shindig at the Bohemian in Melville and we did way better than we expected.Thanks to our friends Gill Hockman and Rambling Bones we made over 2000 Zar's. A good time was had by all and the music was amazing.
We also got some names to put onto our ambulance,7 to be precise.Its a great start to our 1000 name target.
Here are a few names that made it on our ambulance so far...
1) Adaire Warren
2) Kris Biddle
3) Nikki Edwards (NIKNAK-ULANCE)
4) Toni Hughes (TONI PONI HUGHES - related to the donkey)
5) Mike Turner (WWW.MIKETURNER.CO.ZA - photographer)
6) Esther X3 (PLAAS TANNIE)
7) Nicole (WHEEL-BARROW)

thanks you guys! you rock like Wednesday night!

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