Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st charity gig in JHB - TONIGHT!

 So super excited, to host our 1st charity gig, tonight, 8 o'clock at the Bohemian close to Melville.

The famous Rambling Bones and Gill Hockman will make everyone tap their feet non stop to the sweet rhythms of rock. we're excited to see the turn out.
we've encountered a few glitches, but it's all sorted thanks to amazing support from friends. The sound guys who would have helped us out had to cancel at the last minute - luckily our good friend Jessica managed to get hold of a really good sound engineer that's not only going to sort out the sound, but is also going to play a little set as well! how faaabulous!

if all goes well we will be posting some vid clips of the evenings events.


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  1. Good Luck for tonight - I hope you make a mint! Have fun.