Monday, May 24, 2010

Will we make it

So time is now few and we really need to get arses in gear if we are to make it half way across the continent. I've decided that we will possibly need to enlist the help of some jousting midgets or something.
Today has not been a positive day but i know it can only get better.
Jo is gonna need about a million visa's and a ticket to London and that's before we have even started our great adventure.Shooo Weee!That's hectic!
But we will keep you guys posted.
Toodle Pip!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Charity Gig

Wednesday was the night for our big charity shindig at the Bohemian in Melville and we did way better than we expected.Thanks to our friends Gill Hockman and Rambling Bones we made over 2000 Zar's. A good time was had by all and the music was amazing.
We also got some names to put onto our ambulance,7 to be precise.Its a great start to our 1000 name target.
Here are a few names that made it on our ambulance so far...
1) Adaire Warren
2) Kris Biddle
3) Nikki Edwards (NIKNAK-ULANCE)
4) Toni Hughes (TONI PONI HUGHES - related to the donkey)
5) Mike Turner (WWW.MIKETURNER.CO.ZA - photographer)
6) Esther X3 (PLAAS TANNIE)
7) Nicole (WHEEL-BARROW)

thanks you guys! you rock like Wednesday night!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st charity gig in JHB - TONIGHT!

 So super excited, to host our 1st charity gig, tonight, 8 o'clock at the Bohemian close to Melville.

The famous Rambling Bones and Gill Hockman will make everyone tap their feet non stop to the sweet rhythms of rock. we're excited to see the turn out.
we've encountered a few glitches, but it's all sorted thanks to amazing support from friends. The sound guys who would have helped us out had to cancel at the last minute - luckily our good friend Jessica managed to get hold of a really good sound engineer that's not only going to sort out the sound, but is also going to play a little set as well! how faaabulous!

if all goes well we will be posting some vid clips of the evenings events.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our charity gig - this Wednesday - 19 May

So we're all ready for our 1st gig to raise money for our cause. R40 gets you in at the Bohemian (this will go towards buying our ambulance... it's a start... at least)
For an additional 100 ZARS your name will go on the list to be painted on the ambulance throughout our trip. so your name gets to travel more or less 15 oookm!
so come along and watch the awesome Gill Hockman and Rambling Bones at the Bo on Wednesday 19 May.

we're excited, i hope that we get enough support...
more details of the event on facebook:!/event.php?eid=122652964419270&index=1

rad see you there!

Friday, May 7, 2010

News from Turkey...

so we got a response back from the Turkish 3D donkey animator, his name by the way: Tolga Toykoç - whoop, but not so whoop when we read it... :

I'd love to support your rally but unfortunately I couldn't manage to make them manufactured so I can't send you a plushie but you can use the image of it.
Best luck!



it's a pitty the donkey was perfect!
back to looking for our mascot...

check out his rad site

Another act joins in

So today we got another act to join our charity gig.Rambling bones,awesome!!Sheesh i didnt realise how much went in to organising such a thing.You gotta get sound peoples,microphones and their stands and all sorts of things.You live and learn i guess.But its gonna all work out and be a rocking event.I just feel it in my waters...
Its so cool how people are so willing to help us out ,and they say people are never willing to help.Not so true im seeing...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In our efforts to raise money for the rally we have managed to get a friend Gill Hockman to play a charity gig for us.We also managed to secure a venue,the Bohemian in Melville,Voda the mannager was kind enough to give us the venue for free.Awesome!!So we get all the takings at the door and i think its gonna be a great success.
All we need to do now is get someone to supply the flyers for free,mmm....
Anyone out there willing?
I think thats gonna be my job for the day...